The bright summer days are back, and everyone is ready for outdoor adventure. From pool parties to small get-togethers with friends who don't want to enjoy the little things? No matter which summer activity you choose to indulge in, one thing that remains constant in everything is holding the cans of your favourite drink, probably beer. But are you one of those easy drinkers who love to enjoy small chilled sips of your beer but don't like your hands getting cold? 

Don't worry; you're not the only one. No one likes to wipe their cold, wet hands after taking every sip from the beer can. So, what's the solution? A beer can koozie is your right beer partner during hot and humid days. As a beer lover, a koozie is the best thing you can have this summer. These fantastic drink holders are made of sweatproof material to keep your hands dry and condensation at bay while holding beer cans and bottles.

beer can cooler sleeve


What is a beer can koozie?

A koozie (also known as a can cooler sleeve) is a material sleeve that fits over a can. A koozie's main function is to keep a beverage can or beer bottle cold. However, Koozies can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, these small products are used to keep the drinks cold, prevent your hands from getting wet, slow down the process of condensation and protect your furniture from water droplets emerging from the cans.

Koozies have changed drastically in terms of both material and style over time. Beer can koozies are now available in a variety of materials. Koozies go by a variety of names, which is surprising. While we're sure this isn't a complete list, here are a few that we came across: Beer can koozies or Koozies, Coosies, Huggies, Beer huggers, Coolies, Beer sleeves, Beer jackets, Coldy-holder, Bottle jackets, Qoozies, and even just a drink holder. 

How do beer can koozies work?

In summers, when you're drinking your beer, only 5 minutes outside can raise the temperature of your drink by 6 degrees. This is because the condensation on the can warms up when exposed to the air, warming the beverage within. When you use a koozie to keep your drink cooler for longer, it prevents condensation from developing.

A beer can koozie keeps your drinks cold by preventing condensation development. A koozie for your canned or bottled beverage is more than simply a fashion statement. This drink holder has various advantages, including:

  • Keeping your hands warm in the winter.

  • Preventing water rings on tables. 

  • Insulating your beverage

  • Keeping condensation from forming on your drink.

How does it keep a bottle cool by preventing condensation?

When water droplets develop outside a can or bottle, the surrounding air warms the droplets, warming your drink. A koozie keeps your drink colder for longer by preventing condensation. A beer can koozie enhances the enjoyment of a cold beverage. You won't have to worry about your hand becoming chilly, leaving water rings, or having to deal with unpleasant condensation. You'll never want to be without a koozie once you start using one. 

Why use beer can koozie? 

Many individuals have heard of koozies but have never thought about using one. Maybe you've never bought or received one before, or you believe it's too much of a bother to hunt out a koozie every time you want a cold beverage. However, there are various advantages to utilizing a koozie, particularly at large events like parties. Interested? Continue reading to learn more.

Keeps your drinks cold for a long time 

The warming of drinks is caused by the condensation process, which is accelerated by the warmth of your hand. A beer can koozie slows down the condensation process. It also protects your hand from being scalded by a cold can or bottle straight from the refrigerator. This can be a really unpleasant experience, and a beer can koozie prevents your hands from getting cold.

Protects table surfaces 

Condensation droplets will invariably moisten the surface they are on, which is typically a table. When you put your chilled beer cans on the table, it results in water rings around the can. The water rings can harm materials like wood. With a simple koozie, you may avoid this problem.

Gives drinks and identify 

We've all been there: you set down your drink at a gathering and can't remember which one is yours. This is especially true if only a few beverages are available at the party. However, this is no longer an issue with a beer can koozie. With the help of a koozie, you can easily determine which drink can belongs to you. 

At the outset of a party, event hosts may want to consider handing out a range of colourful koozies. You won't have to worry about drinking from someone else's can or bottle, and you won't have to waste drinks because no one knows if it's theirs.

beer sleeve cooler

Protects cans and bottles 

During large gatherings, spilling drinks are unavoidable. The worst aspect is that if the bottle containing it breaks, you must clean it up quickly to prevent safety threats. The probability of the bottle shattering is considerably lowered if it is cushioned with a koozie. The drink will almost certainly spill, but your guests' safety will not be jeopardized by pieces of glass on the floor.

A koozie is cost-effective 

You'd think a beer can koozie would cost a big penny with all of the perks described above. However, that is not the case, as koozies are inexpensive, especially when purchased in bulk for an event. This cost-effective tool is perfect for parties and gatherings where you want to enjoy with your friends while sipping beer cans simultaneously. This amazing product keeps your drinks cold and saves you from various conditions. 

How long will a koozie keep the beer cold? 

You might think that a koozie will keep your beer chilled for only a few minutes. But you have to expect more. Depending on the type of koozie you choose, a beer can koozie can keep your beverage cold for hours. When you invest in a high-quality beer can koozie, you can enjoy every refreshing drop of your beer till it lasts. However, when choosing a good koozie, nothing is better than a koozie made of stainless steel. 

Why is stainless steel a good material for koozies? 

Stainless steel is a wonderful choice for a beer can koozie for various reasons. It won't rust, so it's safe to use near moist drinks. It's appealing, food-safe, and long-lasting. Stainless steel is far more durable than many other materials, which is crucial since the metal used in a koozie must be able to withstand the vacuum's negative pressure. Stainless steel is a sturdy material that will serve you for a long time. Also, it provides your beer cans with better protection. Its weight prevents cans from falling and offers better stability. In addition, you can get stainless steel made beer can koozies with silicone matte finish to get a better grip and hold. 

Designs factors to look for when purchasing a koozie

There are various types of koozies produced by different manufacturers with varying features. So, when purchasing a beer can koozie, what would you look for in it. Here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing a koozie. Following them will help you spend your money at the right place and purchase a perfect koozie for you. 


When purchasing a koozie, the first thing to keep in mind is its size. There is no point in purchasing a koozie that doesn't fit your cans. The smaller koozie won't hold the cans and bottles, and the larger one will oppositely do the same thing. So, make sure to get yourself a beer can koozie that can hold every standard-sized can and bottle. You might already know that almost all beer companies sell their products in standard-sized cans. So purchasing a universal sized koozie can hold every beer can without fearing their size. 


There are various koozies in the market with different materials, but you will want to buy a koozie that stays for a long time and keeps your drinks chilled for hours. As we already mentioned, the temperature of your drink depends on the material you choose. We also have already mentioned that stainless steel koozies prevent condensation for longer, keeping your beer cold for hours. So, it's recommended to purchase a stainless steel-made beer can koozie. In addition, some koozies offer a matte finish to make your grip strong. 


Of course, a koozie bigger than your hand will be difficult to hold. Some companies manufacture surprisingly bigger koozies in the name of adding insulation layers. However, purchasing that kind of koozies can create trouble for you and make your party mood less enjoyable. Choose a beer can koozie that has a moderate size and shape that you can hold with one hand without fearing what will happen if it falls?


The best thing about beer can koozies is they come in various colours. Therefore, you can purchase your koozie in your favourite colour. In addition, having different coloured beer can koozies at a party is a plus point. For example, when everyone is sipping from their drinks while having fun, they will probably keep their cans on the tables many times. Having different coloured koozies prevents the cans from mixing up, and everyone can recognize their drink without suspicion. 

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Places where a koozie is a must have- 

Weddings and parties

When you organize parties, or it's your wedding, you'll invite numerous people. On those special occasions, your guests will grab their favourite drinks. But we all know while enjoying the event, drinks frequently get warm and cause guests to leave the drinks unfinished. On the other hand, keeping your cans and bottles in a koozie lets your guests enjoy the drinks for a longer time, reducing beverages' wastage. 

Restaurants and bars 

If you're a restaurant or bar runner, you must know the value of chilled drinks and beers. If you want your customers to stay in your restaurants for a longer time, you must make sure that they enjoy every drop of your served drinks. Giving them drinks in a beer can koozie is a great idea to keep them engaged for a long time. 

Birthday parties 

Having a blast birthday party is something everyone wants. When you have many guests coming for your party, you will want to keep them engaged and entertained. Unfortunately, warm drinks and beverages can ruin their fun. While having beer can koozies can help you add life to your birthday party. 

Summer gifts 

Summer activities are all about meeting your friends, organizing parties and exchanging gifts. If you have friends who love to booze, beer can koozies are a perfect gift to make them feel valued. They will love receiving something that will add convenience to their lives. 


We are sure after having this information, you already have started thinking about getting yourself a cool beer can koozie. But we are also sure that you'll want to get the smartest koozie on the market. So, when looking for one, don't forget to see Coolerr Classic collection and get the coolest beer can koozie for you and your friends.

April 13, 2022 — Alasdair Heath