How do you feel when you pick up a beer can, take a sip, and its warm, warm foamy texture touches fills your mouth? Everybody hates that. There is something very special about a refreshingly chilled beer. Nothing can match its taste and texture when it's ice cold, especially in summer. 

 But one thing we all don't like about beer bottles or cans is the moment we take them out of the refrigerator and they start to get warm in just a few minutes. The first sip feels chilled, the second feels okay(ish), and the third starts to feel warm and foamy, ruining our beverage.

 It happens to you too, right? Well, you don't have to deal with such an unnecessary problem. Here we will discuss some methods to keep our beer cans cold and find out which one works best for you. So, let's get started!

 Keeping beer bottles and cans cold- 

There are a few methods that you can try to keep your beer bottles cold. You may find some more convenient than others, and some may not be appropriate for you. For example, when you're travelling, a stubby holder works best, and when you're chilling at home, ice water may also work. So, let's see which one you find the most suitable. 

  •  Stubby holder 

There are various tools and methods to keep your beer bottles and cans cool, but nothing works better than a stubby holder or can cooler. These small portable tools are also known as beer can koozie or beer bottle cooler sleeves. They are designed to insulate your beer cans and bottles, protecting them from outside heat and other elements. They work as a barrier between your bottle and outside heat, and don't let the outside temperature heat up your drink.

 A stubby holder slows down the condensation process. It also prevents water droplets from forming on the can and keeps the surface dry and clean. Holding a beer can or bottle in a stubby holder stops your hands from getting wet and cold. This tool is perfect when you plan to drink beer outside as it's easy to carry and use. Just hold the beer bottle in the beer can koozie and enjoy chilled beer for as long as you want. Due to its convenience, you may find a beer bottle cooler sleeve better than other options. 

  •  Wet paper

Wet paper is another method to keep your drink cans and bottles cool after taking them out of the fridge. In this method, you'll have to soak a paper towel in the water and wrap the bottle in the paper. The moisture will help the bottles retain their coldness. On a windy day, this strategy works better when the wind keeps the towel wet for a long time. 

However, this method may not work for a very long time and the paper can become mushy and messy. Paper towels also don’t stop the heat transfer process as a stubby holder or can cooler do. Although the paper towel is wet, it still absorbs the outside heat and starts getting warm. However, for a short period, this method can work. 

  • Water 

The water method may help you when you're with your drink cans beside a water source such as a lake. You can take your beer bottles and cans out and put them in the water while anchoring them with a heavy object so that they don't float away. The huge water source will retain the temperature for a long time, keeping the bottles chilled. 

However, this method contains a little risk of your bottles getting lost somewhere in the water, and they are soaking wet and uncomfortable to hold. If you believe us, you could solve this problem if you carry a portable stubby holder or can cooler with you and use it anywhere you want. 

  • Ice bucket 

The ice bucket method is appropriate for house parties and gatherings where you can use plenty of water and ice in a bucket. Simply keep your beer on ice until ready to consume. Alternatively, many shops sell reasonably priced bags of ice. You may get a cold beer by filling a bucket with a mixture of ice and water and submerging your bottle or can in the bucket for around 5 minutes. 

However, keep in mind that you may find this process messy and hard to maintain. When you and your friends put their hands in the bucket to take out the cans, they will definitely spill some water around. In addition, this process makes your cans and bottles wet, making it hard for you to hold them properly. If you desire a dry and sophisticated alternative and a solution that insulates your drinks for longer periods, a stubby holder or can cooler be a better option. 

  • Burying 

Suppose you're on a trek; you've taken beer cans along but have no source to keep them cold when you rest and enjoy. At those moments when you can't find anything else, burying your bottles in the soil may help you. It's because the soil would be colder than the air. The deeper you dig, the colder the soil will be.  

However, this method requires the effort of digging the soil. In addition, burying the bottles increases their chances of breaking. Why do this when you could take a stubby holder or can cooler along. This lightweight, small, portable tool is easy to carry and won't take up much space in your bag. 

So, these are the methods that can help keep your beer bottles cold when they're not in the refrigerator. No doubt some of them require effort, but when you can't find anything, they can still work for you. Well, purchasing a stubby holder or can cooler can solve various problems and guess what? This stylish and rugged device is very affordable and lasts for years. So, you won't regret purchasing one.

Other things that make stubby holders better than any other options- 

  • Keeps drinks chilled 

A stubby holder's main purpose is to keep any canned or bottled beverage cool for as long as possible until you’ve finished it. Beers and ciders are not enjoyable to drink once they have reached room temperature, especially during outdoor on indoor gatherings. Enjoy socializing at the party, stubby holders and can coolers are great for keeping drinks at their ideal chilled temperature. 

  • Keeps your hands dry 

We've all been in that situation. On humid days, the condensation on canned or bottled drinks just gets out of hand. It collects on the cocktail table, getting your hands and your clothes wet. Stubby holders and can coolers keep all the moisture in and keep your beverages chilled and your hands dry throughout. 

There's no need to be concerned about water rings ruining wooden tables because stubby holders and can coolers have you covered.

  • Easy identification of drinks 

At gatherings the beverages all look the same, and anyone can steal your beer bottle from the table. Stubby holders can help make the scenario less sticky, particularly if they're in different colours. Nobody will be confused about which bottle or can is theirs. These tools come in various colours, and you can use different coloured stubby holders or beer can coolers to make it easily identifiable which drink belongs to you. 

  • Adds creativity to the party

The best quality of stubby holders and can coolers is their capacity to provide a splash of colour and individuality to any party or gathering. When you place these stubby holders or can coolers on your clients' beverages or at your company event, you immediately increase brand identification and identity awareness. It makes your party look different from the ordinary ones and makes your personality stand out.  

  • Protects cans and bottles 

Your beer bottle can easily be knocked over, no matter how carefully you guard it, especially at crowded events. You don't want your beer bottle to smash and make a mess on the floor. A stubby holder or can cooler come to the rescue. It protects the bottle from shattering by insulating it in a stainless-steel body. So even if your bottle falls, the chances of it breaking are much less.

  • Easy to use and store 

A stubby holder or can cooler made with quality material is easy to use and store. You don't need to scrape the holder once you've finished your beer. Instead, simply rinse it with plain or soapy water, and it will be ready to use again. Furthermore, stainless steel is an excellent storage material. You don't have to be concerned about it spoiling or coming into contact with rust. Make sure the holder is dry and clean before storing it. These were the unique characteristics of our beer bottle cooler sleeve.

So, which stubby holders work best? 

There is a large variety of stubby holders and can coolers in the market. For example, you can find a stubby holder made with foam, cloth, plastic, steel, etc., but no material is better than stainless steel when it comes to performance. Stainless-steel is a sturdy material that provides better insulation to cans and bottles. 

In addition, it provides a better vacuum process and prevents condensation better than any other material. Stainless steel stays perfect for a long time serving you for years. Caring for stainless steel stubby holders and can coolers is also easy, just rinse them with water and place it in a cool, dry place. Stainless steel stubby holders and can coolers keep the beer bottles and cans colder for a long time. 

Where to get the best stubby holder? 

Various companies offer numerous stubby holders, but you'll want to get one that suits you the best. The best part about these tools is stubby holders and can coolers are very affordable. You can even buy them in bulk. They make a perfect gift to offer your loved ones or for employees or customers. If you're looking for the best stubby holder and can coolers, browse our site, choose from the vast variety of stubby holders and beer can cooler, and pick one that you find the most appealing. We offer stubby holders and can coolers in various colours to match your style. Visit now for the best offers. 

June 24, 2022 — Alasdair Heath