Magnum Wine Bottle - Matte Black

From £29.99

We believe in better drinking and social experiences, that's why we created the best insulated wine bottle on the market...

Introducing our Magnum Wine Bottle — the perfect companion for wine enthusiasts and hydration aficionados alike. Designed to elevate your drinking experience to new heights.


UNPARALLELED INSULATION: Our double insulated wine bottle is designed to keep your favourite beverages fresh for as long as you need. Crafted with premium materials, it ensures that each sip remains as cool as the first, maintaining the perfect temperature right until the last drop. 

NO MORE WATER MARKS: Our non-slip silicone base ensures that there are no unnecessary marks or slips bottle stands firmly on any surface, ensuring that your valuable wine stays in the bottle. Whether you're lounging at a picnic, enjoying a relaxing day at the beach, or simply unwinding in the comfort of your own home, we've got you covered. 

TOTALLY LEAKPROOF: Our bottle is completely spill-proof. Embrace the freedom of portability and convenience as you embark on outdoor adventures or spontaneous gatherings, knowing that your wine remains securely sealed. 

BPA FREE: Our wine bottle is crafted from BPA-free materials, offering you a worry-free drinking experience. Kick back, relax and savour the moment. 

THE PERFECT GIFT: Searching for the perfect gift that's practical and stylish? Look no further. Our full paper packaging is fully recyclable, but we're pretty sure they'll keep it. 



      1. Expertly designed with innovative features to keep your favourite drink cold and comfortable.

      2. Double wall vacuum construction ensures bottles and cans stay cold for hours.

      3. Tough and long-lasting 100% stainless steel construction.

      4. Premium matte finish and laser-etched logo.

      5. The custom-built insert adapts to 330ml, 440ml and 500ml cans and the unique neoprene sleeve allows for use with 330ml and 375ml bottles.

      6. Non-slip and non-marking silicone base.

      Complete Versatility

      With Coolerr, you don’t need to worry about can or bottle size. Every Coolerr comes with a custom insert to make your Coolerr fully adaptable

      Always-Cold Beer

      Coolerrs’ are built with a double-wall vacuum construction ensuring your bottles or cans stay cold for HOURS!

      Cold Beer, Warm Hands

      Although Coolerr will make sure your beer stays cold for hours, your hands will always remain warm (even during rainy game days)

      Long-Lasting & Durable

      With a 100% stainless steel (and lightweight) construction, your Coolerr is built to last.

      Non-Slip & Non-Mark Silicone Base
      Your Coolerr will remain stable on your table & best of all, won’t make any of those annoying marks

      Stylish and Functional
      Coolerrs’ aren’t just incredibly effective at keeping beer cold, they’re also built for a premium hand-grip.

      Premium Matte Finish & Laser-Etched Logo
      You’ll be proud to join the Coolerr Crowd with your Coolerr’s simplistic, yet highly functional design.