Timeless Tumbler - Auric Leopard


It's our mission to make sure that your everyday carry's fit seamlessly in to your lifestyle...


Introducing our Timeless Tumbler — an essential companion for coffee and cocktail enthusiasts.


Designed with meticulous attention to detail, our tumbler combines form and function to revolutionise your on-the-go drinking experience.


FRESH UNTIL THE LAST DROP: The Timeless Tumbler is designed to keep your early morning coffee or evening cocktails as fresh as can be until the very last sip. 


BPA FREE: Crafted from BPA-free materials, our tumbler guarantees a worry-free and safe drinking experience. 


TOTAL PORTABILITY: We understand the need for a tumbler that seamlessly fits into your busy lifestyle. With a tapered design, our tumbler effortlessly slides into standard car cupholders making sure you can enjoy your favourite brews whilst on the go. It's lightweight construction and easy-to-carry design make it the ideal companion for your everyday grind. 


NO MORE WATER MARKS: Equipped with a non-slip silicone base, our coffee tumbler offers enhanced stability wherever you wander. Say goodbye to accidental spills and enjoy worry-free sips. 

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      Complete Versatility

      With Coolerr, you don’t need to worry about can or bottle size. Every Coolerr comes with a custom insert to make your Coolerr fully adaptable

      Always-Cold Beer

      Coolerrs’ are built with a double-wall vacuum construction ensuring your bottles or cans stay cold for HOURS!

      Cold Beer, Warm Hands

      Although Coolerr will make sure your beer stays cold for hours, your hands will always remain warm (even during rainy game days)

      Long-Lasting & Durable

      With a 100% stainless steel (and lightweight) construction, your Coolerr is built to last.

      Non-Slip & Non-Mark Silicone Base
      Your Coolerr will remain stable on your table & best of all, won’t make any of those annoying marks

      Stylish and Functional
      Coolerrs’ aren’t just incredibly effective at keeping beer cold, they’re also built for a premium hand-grip.

      Premium Matte Finish & Laser-Etched Logo
      You’ll be proud to join the Coolerr Crowd with your Coolerr’s simplistic, yet highly functional design.